Hello World.

At Captain Mike’s in Kenosha, Wisconsin.
For a time, they made the best burger I’ve had anywhere.

I began tinkering with web sites in 1995 in what seems like the early days of The Internet. Certainly not as early as some people began playing around in this space but early compared to a lot of people I know. 

For me it was a convergence of people, places and events. But also the way that I’m wired as a person. I was compelled to be a part of this emerging technological and cultural phenomenon. It’s also worth noting that I was privileged to be born in a time and place with the connections I had to participate in this historic turn of events in our society.

Look, I’m not sitting pretty in some great tech job with all the accompanying social signifiers of success. I’m a middle aged white guy that grew up in suburban America. So, compared to the other 7 billion people on the planet I count myself as being very fortunate. I’m very grateful for all the things conspired and inspired these happenings. 

In 1995 it was really hard to put something out on The Internet. You were certainly on the fringe of things if you did something like have your own web site. That’s why platforms like MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram evolved and made this experience accessible and fun for a lot of people. However, there are a lot of Unintended Consequences that have come about from being a member of these platforms. Things that are deeply disturbing for our own personal freedom and society as a whole in 2019. 

So here I am building a web site that’s mine. 

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